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Founded in 2015


IntroducingSonax Energy

Sonax Energy is an International Oil & Energy Trading, Brokering & Facilitation firm with direct commercial relations with Refineries & International Trade Houses operating in Europe, Asia, Middle-East, Africa, and the former CIS Countries, and working partnerships with several resellers & allocation holders.

Over the years, the trading desk of Sonax Energy has developed into a structured organization capable of dealing with increasingly higher volumes of oil, gas, power, and environmental energy products. Our primary trade is focused on refined petroleum products such as Petrol (Gasoline), Diesel(Gasoil) Kerosene, Jet A1, Lubricants, Greases & Asphalt / Bitumen into the African continent with a huge focus on Southern/East Africa. We supply bulk petroleum fuels & crude oils to governments, commercial and wholesale buyers, mines, transporters, NGOs, parastatals, diplomats/embassies, construction companies, retailers etc.

Our business objectives are to deliver exceptional customer service and competitive pricing.


Our CoreBusiness and Services

Sonax Energy is at the forefront of petroleum products supplies, based in Sandton, Republic of South Africa, with extensive product related networks, and contacts throughout the industry. We are committed to supplying quality petroleum products, sourced exclusively from the reputed refiners in the Arab Gulf States, Saudi Arabia, Russia, the Black Sea & Republic of South Africa and dedicated to meeting delivery obligations within the shortest period.

We have a dedicated Team

To achieve our business objectives, Sonax Energy maintains simple principles that are valued across various cultures and markets.


Fuel Spot Trading

EX-BONDED / TANK Fuel Stock Volumes Delivered Duty Unpaid (DDU)

SUPPLY LOCATIONS: Beira / Matola / Dar es Salaam, Msasa / South Africa/ Nambia / Zambia / DRC

The products are sold from our depots in Beira, Matola, Dar es Salaam and from inland depots in Msasa, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Namibia, Zambia & DRC. Our stocks are stored in bonded warehouses and sold on an ex-tank basis without duty (DDU).

For DDU, the client/buyer will pay his own applicable (local importation) duties and arrange own logistics to move the fuel from our depots to their destination, but we can gladly assist with advice of reputable truckers/transporter to offer a one-stop service.

Our current EX-TANK BEIRA prices are SPOT & these prices are subject to change depending on market levels.

Fuel Spot Trading Counter

Export to: Botswana, DRC, South Africa, Zambia & Zimbabwe

Date: 2021-05-17

# NAME OF LOCATION PETROL 93 Price/L PETROL 95 Price/L DIESEL 50 Price/L LPG Price/M^3
1 Beira Port USD 0.56 USD 0.56 USD 0.56 USD 560
2 Msasa Depot USD 0.60 USD 0.60 USD 0.60 -
3 Matola Port USD 0.52 USD 0.52 USD 0.52 -
4 Namibia USD 0.58 USD 0.58 USD 0.58 -
5 South Africa (9C) USD 0.44 USD 0.44 USD 0.44 USD 544

Last updated on : 2021-05-17


Call/Whatsapp Us your Requirements : +27 65 856 9290 / +27 73 060 0000

Send Us an Email : enquiries@sonaxenergy.co.za

Sonax EnergyFranchise

Join the SONAX ENERGY family and become a branch owner!

We are constantly developing opportunities for new filling station operators to become part of our ever-expanding fuel retail franchise. From rebranding existing stations to identifying and developing new sites that show potential, we urge prospective and current station owners as well as entrepreneurs to partner with our established brand.

  • Marketing and advertising signage/branding – including the initial launch of the business
  • Land procurement and legislation processes
  • Design and layout of the premises
  • Installation of equipment
  • Training of your staff
  • Management, stock control, front and back office systems

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